My favorite part from the new Smash trailer ⊟

I saw these GIFs reblogged on Nadia Oxford’s tumblr, where she wrote, “Glad to see it acknowledged that Samus is tall as hell and not the tiny, frail waif Other M makes her out to be.”

Agreed! She’s supposed to be close to 6’3” and 200 lbs out of her armor, according to this Nintendo Power comics scan. Little Mac is like 5’7”.

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Now that I’m convinced Dark Souls 2 PvP is actually quite balanced and fun now, I had a look at all the OP builds that were in use for the last 6 months and holy shit this game went through a lot of broken metas:

  • Spin2Win (aka BEYBLAAAAAAAADE)
  • Havel hexing
  • Dual Mundane Avelyns
  • Buffed Moonlight Greatsword explosion-fest
  • Guten WoGen
  • Broken Straight Sword stun-spam
  • Mastodon/Helix powerstancing stab-fest
  • Great Resonant Soul instakill
  • MonScim parry parties

Can’t believe I managed to get away with not seeing this stuff being spammed to death